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Upgrade to a small wind generator as you can

BD Batteries feels that intermittent wind generator installations are best suited for solar system accompanyment. After installing your solar system, you will find that many things affect it's power generation capabilities. These things include but are not limited to dust, shade, trash, clouds, fog, time of year, temperature, and a host of other things. Rather than try to add enough solar panels to overcome these adverse effects, it is often more advantageous to add power production that capitalizes on the drawbacks related to solar panels. Wind energy is a good candidate for those of us who don't have riverfront or beachfront properties. (you lucky folks get to use hydro power instead).

Wind is the obvious choice for most land owners as they have land. Wind is an obvious choice to augment solar, as wind often is associated with the solar blocking cloud cover. In fact, those clouds are produced/producing the winds. The figure to the right shows nearly a 1:1 correlation between cloudy days, and windy days.

To start with wind power requires the same inverter, charger, and safety infrastructure as a solar installation. But a purely wind generation system will not generate ANY power some days Baseload on Beautiful Weather. Buying a wind generator is an upgrade to a solar system with batteries because the parts are designed to flex that way. AGM Solar batteries are designed to take very high charging amperages, directly hooking the wind generator up to the batteries. The inverters can easily give the tanks (batteries) a little more head room to catch the power with a simple software change. The final part is where to put it, and the utility grid can and wants to take the power as you help out the grid.

We feel it is best to augment a solar energy production system with DC wind generation, rather than the other way around for monetary efficiency sake. In addition, it is easier to engineer a small wind generator into a larger system that will not do damage. Due to it's intermittent generation nature, wind generators can burn things out when spiking. When done correctly, installing a wind generator to your existing solar panel system with batteries is as easy as 4 bolts, and 1-2 breakers for safety purposes.

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