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Why you should consider purchasing a flex fuel Generator.

Flex fuel generators allow you to choose the fuel of least resistance, be it cost, transport, or delivery time. Generators consist of an engine that burns fuel and produces torque, connected to a generator head that takes the power and turns it into electricity. The means by which you drive the generator engine is the focus of this page. We feel, for your sake, that you should always consider purchasing a flex fuel generator. Bottom line, without forsaking power or output production, you have the choice of how hard you want to hit your wallet. Let me explain.

Fuel prices are a direct result of the underlying commodity prices prior to refining, transportation, delivery, and final retail sale. Baseload on supply and demand these prices fluctuate to create the market. The real thing to notice here is that all the fuel markets, while fundamentally linked, do not have a perfect correlation. For instance, some times propane is cheaper than gasoline. Sometimes it is the other way around. By having the choice of burning multiple fuels, you have the right to defend you wallet as you operate your generator.

When selecting a generator to truly go "OFF GRID," the final fuel delivery and transportation to your property must be considered. Propane delivery can be quite pricey for instance, and may eliminate any cost gains by using the cheaper fuel. However, if you could use the downed tree limbs, the grass clippings, and the corn cobs to power your generator you are better off. You have to get rid of this stuff anyway, why not power the generator with it. When you choose a flex fuel generator for you home or commercial property, you are only one step away from BIOMASS too.

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