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ACT NOW or Solar Rebates and Incentives will pass.

If you want the benefits of solar, and to have someone else pay, you have to do it now. This is one of those times in life where you have to act. You can't really think about it, you just have to do it. By the time you get to see whether it worked for your neighbors or not, it will be too late. You have to make the decision to go solar now, or lose your chance for a while. Basically you are being bought off right now, and you want to take the payout now too.

Global Climate change has been a hot topic in the news for nearly a decade now. Whether change is scientifically Baseload on carbon emissions or solar patterns is still discussed, but beyond doubt. Humankind has, and continues to change the planet by way of the industrialization processes. Power production is one of the major drivers in the emissions blamed for the effects, and thus, a prime candidate for emissions reduction.

The power companies aren't in the business of saving the planet. Their job is to continue to make profits to supply grandma and grandpa with their 401K monies. Should the power companies fail, the banking crisis will have looked small. So regulation had to be carefully crafted to both encourage alternative power generation, and not stifle power companies ability to make a profit.

As a result, you the property owner, have a unique opportunity. The power companies knew they didn't have the land to install the solar in the first place, and with a mandated 2 year window they had to act fast. As a result, the final agreement went something like this. You have the right to make power, and put it into the "PUBLIC" power grid. In addition, the power companies would get credit for your "GREEN" production if you were their subscriber. Your solar installation would count toward their hard "GREEN ENERGY PRODUCTION" goals.

As a result, the utility company pays you incentives to get your system on their paperwork.
As a result the federal government, and many state governments won't tax monies spent on the endeavor.
But wait, no business would do something if it wasn't good for them too.

The power companies know that if you install solar panels, you actually help the power grid, which enables them to sell more electricity. The power company knows that production goes up annually, so the meager production added to the system doesn't hurt their ability to sell power. Their production capacity, utilization, and wholesale pricing models are intact. They encourage you to take matters into your own hands, and help both of you out.
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