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BD Panels want you to be able to replace the power grid as you please. Like anything in life, there is a process. As you go through the process blindly, you turn up some dead ends, you go down some alleys, but eventually you get there. This site is designed to illustrate big picture solar panel discussions often missed by the new solar panel consumer. You need a solar panel or two, not 300. We understand that buying all the infrastructure that goes with the solar panels is a large investment. However, we find day in and day out, that many folks wish they had all this information when trying to make decisions. We call it "The five step program to Wanton Utility Grid Separation". When you know the big plan, picking off the pieces isn't such a big deal, like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.

Our Five Step Process Looks like this:
For a more in depth overview, please click here. Otherwise, the links below will get you to the chapters inside the process.
1. Decide to buy solar.
2. Decide to invest in an inverter and batteries
3. Later upgrade to small Wind Generation for Bad Weather
4. Later upgrade by purchasing a generator
5. If you are serious get a flex fuel generator
6. Biogas - Gasification, and Demand Power Generation

Click here for a more in depth explanation of the 5 step process on one page.
We can not say enough that we support your decision to look into solar energy production. Now we hope these justifications are good enough from a upgrade and independence standpoint. Should you be more interested in the monetary aspect of deciding to go solar in the first place.

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